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Duplex Blinds

Dual Fabrics, Dual Benefits - Day/Night Options for Versatile Appeal

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Enjoy the flexibility of day/night options with Duplex Blinds. The dual fabrics allow you to choose between sheer and opaque panels, giving you the ability to adapt your window treatments to different times of the day. Achieve a soft, diffused glow during the day and enhanced privacy and darkness at night, all within one sophisticated blind system.

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Modern Style for Today's Living Areas

Duplex Blinds’ contemporary style will improve the visual attractiveness of your living or workplace area. The dual fabric panels and simple lines give it a modern appearance that goes well with many different types of home decor. To personalize the blinds and get the ideal balance of efficiency and design, pick from a variety of colors and patterns.

Easily Changing the Light and Privacy

Duplex Blinds’ movable panels provide you great control over your surroundings. To control the quantity of natural light that enters your room and to preserve the desired level of privacy, tilt the opaque and sheer parts separately. Savor a well-lit, cozy area that is customized to your tastes.

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